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Company: Atak Trucking
Established: 1986
Description: Wholesale suppliers of construction materials including Gravel, Pea Gravel, Sand, Stone, Dirt, Topsoil, Rock Salt and Aggregate to New Jersey and New York.
Company History: ATAK Trucking Inc. has been wholesale suppliers of Construction Materials to New Jersey & New York State Municipalities, Parks Departments, Builders, Landscapers, Landscape Suppliers, Masonry Suppliers, Paving Companies, Nurseries, and Private Contractors since 1986
1: stone
2: gravel
3: sand
Classification: Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 917-912-2900
Fax: 718-227-9833
Address: 1341 Route 34
City: Matawan
State/Province: New Jersey
Zip/PC: 07747
Country: United States
URL: http://www.ataktrucking.com
Contact: Tom Torocco

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