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Company: Aquastore
Established: 1949
Description: Aquastore is your best choice when it comes to finding durable, economical water storage tanks. Our product list includes water storage tanks, waste water treatment tanks, elevated water storage tanks, digester tanks, composite elevated tank, glass coated steel tanks, glass lined tanks, municipal water storage tank, potable water storage tank, stainless steel water tanks, steel bolted tanks, waste storage, concrete water storage, concrete water tank and more. What sets Aquastore�s water storage tanks apart from its competitors is our modular, glass-fused-to-steel walls which are efficient to construct and are virtually maintenance free. Aquastore can help you with all your water and liquid storage tank needs.

Engineered Storage Products Company (formerly A.O. Smith) first discovered methodology of controlling corrosion by fusing glass to steel in the 1930's. The technology was initially used in the brewing and hot water heater industries. While other uses for glass-fused-to-steel were explored, the first glass-fused-to-steel tank went into service in 1949 as a Harvestore silo. This agricultural use to store feed while retaining quality has been widely used for almost 60 years. In the 1970's, Engineered Storage Products Company formed its Municipal and Industrial Division and subsequently launched Aquastore tanks for water, wastewater and other industrial uses. More than 100,000 glass-fused-to-steel tanks have been installed in over 70 countries around the world.
1: Water Storage Tank
2: Water Reservoir
3: Waste Water Treatment Tank
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 815-756-1551
Fax: 815-756-7821
Address: 345 Harvestore Dr
City: Dekalb
State/Province: Illinois
Zip/PC: 60115
Country: USA
URL: http://www.aquastore.com
Contact: Sales Department

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