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Company: Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc.
Established: 2005
Description: ERS is a complete fuel management company. We deal in procurement which allows us to supply gasoline, clear and dyed diesel direct from major Alberta refineries. ERS also provides the administration side of the fuel management as well. We supply detailed fuel usage reporting by: unit, department, employee, project and location. ERS bills and monitors the contractors and subcontractors accounts and we provide time saving tax reporting. Our ERS Transport division prides itself on 24/7 safe ontime fuel delivery due to our specialized fleet and satellite monitored dispatch. ERS's fuel systems are one of a kind with a patent pending cardlock design. ERS has single and multiple compartment tanks up to 200,000 liters and has certified petroleum installers to make sure the job is done properly and safely. ERS can also remotely manage the inventory which makes sure ERS always know who, when and where fuel is needed. ERS handles onsite fuel delivery direct to your equi! pment with specialized delivery equipment or we can provide onsite storage which have sophisticated onboard computers. ERS is committed to excellence in HS & E and has a zero tolerance for environmental contamination. ERS is state of the art remote refuelling.

Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. (ERS) grew from Maury Van Vliet's experience in the aviation fuel business. In October 2005, the Company was formed by the three founding shareholders: Maury and sons Todd and Scott. The incredible growth of the Company speaks volumes about the management and marketing expertise of Todd and Scott who from the inception were totally responsible for the day-to-day operations and overall management. From the initial contract to providing complete project fuel management on the Nexen/OPTI Long Lake Project to the many and varied services provided to owners and contractors operating in the Athabasca Oilsands Region, the ERS model of total fuel management has proven to be a substantial benefit and comfort for those demanding reliability and environmental sensitivity. From a staff of three in 2005 to over 60 at the peak operating periods in 2008, the explosive growth has been driven by the owners' and contractors' needs on site. The decision to take complete responsibility for the fuel supply chain-from modern tanker units to the patent pending fuel storage and dispensing systems to the onsite collection of data allowing for immediate invoicing and reporting-has proven to be a dramatic improvement over the fuel management practices used traditionally. ERS is committed to Complete Fuel Management.
1: Tanks
2: Fuel
3: Tranport
Classification: Manufacturer, Distributor/Dealer, Mining/Quarry
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 780-444-4104
Fax: 780-444-4105
Address: Suite 208, 10464 Mayfield
City: Edmonton
State/Province: AB
Zip/PC: T5P 4P4
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.envirofuel.ca
Contact: Mike Lovin

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