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Company: Spectrum Electronics, Inc.
Established: 1998
Description: Spectrum manufactures the State of the Art ThunderBolt Storm Detector in the USA. ThunderBolt is the only hand-held instrument capable of detecting Storm and lightning activity from as far away as 75 miles. ThunderBolt then gives you an ETA to it's position, speed of the storm in miles or Kilometers, severity of the storm (Supercells, squall-lines, multiple cells), where the strikes are occurring, when the storm is local (8 mile radius), and most importantly, when the storm situation will clear. ThunderBolt has 3 warning methods, LED, audio, and over 50 text screens to show the user the progression as it is happening. This information is internally updated every 5 seconds. ThunderBolt is self-contained and does not need any outside data other than Mother Nature to operate. No cell signals, no radar, no satellite and not a weather radio. ThunderBolt warnings are Real-Time, as they are occurring. Spectrum can provide thousands of units per month,since 90% of our parts are collected in the Atlanta region. All ThunderBolt's are protected by an industry leading warranty, Guarantee and support program. ThunderBolt enjoys a return ratio lower than 2% historically. This beats any electronics manufacturing standard hands-down.

The company was formed in the late Nineties with one thought in mind, to manufacture cutting edge technology that would protect every person utilizing the product 24/7. Years of R&D went into every ThunderBolt prior to launch in 2002. ThunderBolt is utilized in every walk of life and in every discipline. All the Armed Services, Mining, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Schools (all levels), Major League Sports, Youth Organizations, construction, Aviation, Municipalities and Government, Amusement parks, the General public and much more. Thousands of ThunderBolts are in use Worldwide.
1: Lightning Detector
2: Lightning Equipment
3: Storm Safety Equipment
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 678-578-5900
Fax: 678-578-5923
Address: 4357 Park Drive Suite E
City: Norcross
State/Province: Georgia
Zip/PC: 30093
Country: USA
URL: http://www.spectrumthunderbolt.com
Contact: Joseph Kuesis

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