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A.S.A.P. Technologies, Inc.
1835 S. Lee Ct.
Buford, Georgia 30518

Supplier Of Sealants, Adhesives, Silicones & Tapes for various markets such as electrical, moldmaking, military, industrial, telecommunications, circuit board manufacturing, fiber optics, aerospace, electronics, aviation, OEM, assembly & automotive. Products include: polysulfides, anerobics, cyanoacrylates, acrylics, potting compounds, silicones, encapsulants, tapes, adhesives, coatings, heat shrink tubing, pressure sensitive tapes, lubricants, sealants, greases, heat shrinking & epoxies. Capabilities include: Custom forumalations, fabrication, repackaging, converting & more.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Adhesives, Sealants

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