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The Jennison-Wright Co.
P.O. Box 110591
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
Tel: 216-671-5900

Manufacturer & Supplier of Building Products & Materials. Including Polymer Concrete Flooring Blocks, Bricks, Asphalt & Hardwood. Including joint fillers, sealers, setting cements, adhesives & finishes. Including Steel Anchor Tile flooring For Industrial, Commerical, Manufacturing, Plant Storage & Factory Applications. Also Polymer Wood Composite Flooring, Polymer Concrete Floor Block & Heavy Duties Asphalt Block Flooring. Features Include Shock & Noise Suppression, Capable Of Heavy Loads, Safety & Traction And Resistant To Chemicals & Solvents.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South/Latin America, UK, Australia, Europe, EU, China, Japan, India, Asia, Africa & Middle East.

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