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Aetna Felt Corp.
2401 W. Emaus Ave.
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103
Tel: 610-791-0900

ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of felt sheet, woven felt, pressure sensitive felts, craft felts, channel, needled felts, SAE felts & cut products. Applications include: electric motor, furniture, equestrian, games, leather, jeweler, aerospace, automotive, clothing, architectural, craft, appliance, lighting, optical, pharmaceutical, office machine, military, musical instrument markets, education, metal working, medical, theater, power tools & printing. Capabilities include: custom & large felt sheets & felt rolls (available in various lengths & thicknesses), spooling, SPC processes, CAD/CAM designing, laminating, perforating, pricking, die cutting, adhesive backing, hot foil stamping, sewing, screen printing, slitting, packaging & JIT delivery.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Western Europe, Australia

Category: Felt Sheet & Rolls

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