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The Carnegie Textile Co.
1734 Ivanhoe Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44112
Tel: 216-851-7000

ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier A Wide Range Of Medical Textiles And Other Textile Products For Use In Health Care & Industry Applications. Textile Products Include: Patient Cloths, Towels, Surgical Apparel, Medical Uniforms, Medical Fabrics, Tarpaulin, Muslin, Wind Curtains, Sheets, Medical Uniforms, Straining Cloths, Flannel, Filtering Cloths, Gauze, Canvas, Shower Curtains, Cheesecloth, Pillowcases, Cubicle & Surgical Wrappers. Capabilities Include: Die Cut To Specs, Sewing, Slitting, Cutting, Polishing And Cleaning, Cloths, Engineering & Custom Design.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Medical Textiles

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