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Tysol Products, Inc.
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125
Tel: 800-898-9765

ISO 9000 Manufacturer & Supplier Of Cleaners & Specialty Chemical Products For Commercial, Industrial, Consumer & Various Other Markets. Including Glass & Cleaners, Chemical Toilet Activators, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Automotive Cleaners, Corrosion Inhibitors, Odorizers, Tracer Dyes, Food Plant Cleaners, Cooling-Condenser Coil & Electric Motor Cleaners, Degreasers & Defoamers. Offers Private Labeling, Toll Blending & Custom Formulations For Industry & Special Applications Required By Customer. Including Products To Clean Interior & Exteriors Of Passenger Buses & Rail Cars, Hot Tank, Spray Cabinets, Locomotive Rack Wash Exteriors, Engine Rooms & Parts Washers.

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