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403 Homestead Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45408
Tel: 937-461-9906

Supplier of metalworking fluids, cleaners, oils, waste treatment chemicals, quenchants, coolants, lubricants & other industrial chemicals. Other products include: rust strippers, compressor oils, waste treatment chemicals, cooling towers, grinding oils, cutting oils, water based fluids, honing oils, water glycols, deformation oils, biodegradable lubricants, bearing lubricants, aluminum rolling products, vibratory compounds, antifreeze, cleaners, boiler chemicals, floor cleaners, mass finishing chemicals, martempering oils, commercial vehicle fluids, oil quenchants, metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, greases, food grade lubricants, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, heat treating fluids & machine tool lubricants.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Industrial Chemicals

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