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Walter Wurdack, Inc.
4977 Fyler
St. Louis, Missouri 63139
Tel: 314-351-6600

ISO 9000 Manufacturer Of Paints & Varnishes For Glass, Wood & Metal Products, Primed & Un-primed. Applications include aircraft, sport, cosmetic, leisure & musical intrument applications. Product line features include coatings for high heat, corrosion resistant, abrasion, water, chemical, UV & temperature & resistance. Keywords: polyurethane, vinyl, silicone coatings & paints, enamel, fluoropolymer, solvent-based, complaint, solvent-free, custom waterborne, acrylic, epoxy & cellulosics.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Europe, EU, China, Japan, India, Asia, Africa & Middle East.

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