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Rodale Tech.
3500 Sunrise Hwy.
Great River, New York 11739
Tel: 631-277-5454

Supplier Of Data Communication Systems & Equipment. Including A Broad Range of Electronic Components, Crossflow, Centrifugal & Radial, CPU Coolers/Fan Heat Sinks, Industrial Blowers, AC & DC Fans, UL/CSA Recognized, Wire Guard Accessories. Power Supply Wire & Cordsets, Coaxial & Shielded Wire, Aluminum or Thermoplastic Frame Types, Sleeve/Ball Bearing Construction, AC & DC Fans, UL/CSA Recognized, Wire Guard Accessories, Aluminum or Thermoplastic Frame Types, Telephone & Modular Wire, AC/DC & AC/AC Adaptors, Various Power Supplies, Air Compressor Parts, Custom Designed Transformers, 3-Tap Receptacles & Multiple Outlet Strips, Wire Harnesses, Extension Cords, Adaptors/Wallmount & Desktop, Mercury Relays, Rocker Switches, Duplex Receptacles, Audible Signaling Components, Circuit Breakers, Switches & Timers, Thermocouple & Thermocouples Wire.

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