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CS Unitec, Inc.
22 Harbor Ave.
Norwalk, Connecticut 06850
Tel: 203-853-9522

Manufacturer & Supplier of Construction and Industrial Tools. Including Magnetic Drilling & Tapping Machines, Annular Cutters & Drills, Power Hacksaws, Concrete Core Drills, Dust Extraction Vacuum, System For Portable Power Tools, Nibblers, Nut-Runners, Corner Drills, Surface Finishing Tools For Polishing & Sanding, Hand-Held Mixers, Rotary Hammer Drills, Concrete Saws, Band Saws, Air, Electric & Hydraulic Tools, Portable Core Drilling Machines, Cut-Off Saws, Specialty Power Tools, Hacksaws, Portable Chain Saws, Concrete Saws & Portable Band Saws.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Western Europe

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