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Service Scaffold Co., Inc.
South Fallsburg, New York 12779
Tel: 845-434-8888

Supplier of construction equipment, scaffolds & suspended scaffolding accessories used as construction equipment. Including masonry frames, casters, guard rails, walkboards, multi-purpose scaffolds, scaffolding accessories, rolling towers, crossbraces & scaffold frames. Other construction equipment includes hydraulic mixers, bridges, rolling work platforms, oil caddies, grinders, saws, concrete mixers, excavators, rollers, workbenches, workspace supplies, shop equipment, material handling equipment, scaffold ladders, mass transit equipment, carts stackers, totes, deck platforms, battery transport carts, scales, battery charging benches, scaffold frames, oil & anti-freeze drains, workspace equipment, lockers, shelving, material handling equipment & rolling work platforms.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Scaffolds, Construction Equipment

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