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Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
975 Cottonwood Avenue
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029
Tel: 262-367-7600

Manufacturer & Exporter Of Belt Conveyors & Plastic Chain Conveyors. Applications Include: Labeling, Parts Handling, Marking, OEM, Integrators, Packaging, Assembly Automation, Accumulation, Injection Molding, Metalworking & Inspection. Available Features On Various Models Include: Standard Emergency Stop, Photo Eye, Jogging Accumulations, Indexing, Merging, Flat Belt, Cleated Belt, Machine Interface Controls, Magnetic, Plastic Belt, Vacuum, Aluminum Frames, Low-Profile Designs, Guiding, Stainless Steel Frames, Gravity Roller & Adjustable Angle.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Western Europe, EU, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pacific Rim

Category: Plastic Chain & Belt Conveyors

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