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American Precision Gear Co., Inc.
1029 American St.
San Carlos, California 94070
Tel: 650-595-3664

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of custom precision gears & all materials for industrial, optical, machine, aerospace, biomedical, commercial & electronic markets. Including racks & pinions, gear pulleys, face gears, ring gears, sprockets, worm gears, helical, external spur, splines, serrations, internal spur, planetaries, pump gears, bevel & clusters. Materials include: Udimet, Hastelloy®, nylon, nickel, Monel®, Delrin®, phenolics, alloy & stainless steels, Teflon®, Nylatron®, plastics, cast irons, brass, magnesium, beryllium, aluminum, copper, bronzes & titanium.

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