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American Precision Glass Corp.
602-604 Main Street
Duryea, Pennsylvania 18642
Tel: 570-457-9664

Glass Fabricator & Manufacturer Of A Variety Of Precision Technical Glass Products Such As Tubing, Sagged Parts, Rods, Prisms, Faceplates, Filters, Conductive Windows, Micro Sheets, Mirrors, Lenses, Molded Blanks & Glass Circles. Specializing In The Following Types Of Glass: Quartz, Radiation Shielding, Fused Silica, X-Ray, Crown, Soda Lime, Borosilicates, Filters & Glass Specialties. Glass Fabricating Capabilities Include: Tempering, Cutting, Glass Decorating, Grinding, Slicing, Glass Polishing, Sandblasting, Beveling, Glass Coating, Metallizing, Drilling & Glass Edging.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Precision Technical Glass

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