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Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
607 N. Central Ave.
Wood Dale, Illinois 60191
Tel: 630-350-2252

ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturers Of Electric Heating Elements & Other Heat Processing Equipment For Commerical & Industrial Markets. Products Include: Immersion Heaters (Cartridge, Over-The-Side, Screw-Plug & Flange Types), MI Cable, Circulation Heaters, Power Controllers, Thermocouples & RTDs, Temperature Sensors & Controls, Power Panels & Temperature Panels, Band Heaters, Air Heaters, Strip Heaters (Finned, Channel & Mica), Quartz Heaters, Temperature Controllers, Tubular Heaters, Bronze & Aluminum Cast-In Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Drum Heaters, Ceramic Infrared Radiant Heaters & Heat Trace Cable & Tape.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Western Europe, EU, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pacific Rim, South Africa & Middle East.

Category: Heat Processing Equipment; Electric Heating Elements

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