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Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc.
4901 Dwight-Evans Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217
Tel: 800-500-2379

Distributor of HVAC equipment & supplies, including air conditioning supplies and parts, louvers, cooling fans, duct, fiberglass, humidifiers, exhaust and supply fans, cooling towers, air distribution, dampers & air handlers. Other HVAC products include: commercial & industrial air distribution & terminal units, custom industrial & process exhaust fans, steam & hot water radiator panels, air purification units, etc., replacement water coils, pneumatic diffusers, electronic & thermally powered diffusers, gas fired infra-red radiant heaters, variable frequency drives, custom air-handling units, industrial duct & centrifugal fans, custom engineered air handling units, air make-up units, roof ventilators, indoor air monitoring systems, controllable pitch vaneaxial fans, steam, gas, and electric humidifiers, velocity and temperature measurement instruments, venturi flowmeter systems, flexible insulated duct, direct gas fired heating units, electric duct heaters, air blenders, industrial evaporative cooling, humidity control and heat recovery, commercial exhaust fans & supply fans, sheet metal curbs and spin-ins, cooling fog fans & systems, commercial duct blowers & utility sets, gas detection systems, electric space heating products, access doors, kitchen exhaust hood systems, thermoplastic laboratory exhaust fans, duct & fittings, textile based ventilation equipment, sheet rock access doors, cable operated damper systems, fume scrubbers & mist eliminators, HVAC sheet metal products, fan coil units & hydronic heating equipment, spiral round & flat oval duct & fittings, industrial dampers, indoor pool dehumidification systems, sound attenuators & acoustical enclosures & fiberglass reinforced plastic duct.

Category: HVAC Equipment

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