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Paragon Steel
3700 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, California 90810
Tel: 310-830-5004

Metals and alloys distributor and service provider for the North American marketplace. Metal products include: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, red metal, bronze & copper. Including brass products in the from of coils, sheets, tubes, plate, beams, bars, channels, angles, pipes, flanges, valves & fittings. Aluminum products include: hot rolled plates, sheets, hot rolled channels, tubes, hot rolled angles, coils, beams, hot rolled channels, cold drawn bars, hot rolled carbon bars, pipes, fittings, valves, fittings, zees, tees and expanded metals. Services & capabilities include: notching, coating, welding, fabrication, bending, material testing, drilling, flame cutting, forming, shearing, punching, beam splitting, slitting & coating.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Metals & Alloys

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