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Production Packaging Equipment, Inc.
900 Shames Drive
Westbury, New York 11590
Tel: 800-334-1297

Distributor & supplier of packaging machinery, spare parts, supplies and packaging materials. Products include: wrappers, counting systems, weighing equipment, overwrapping units, stretch wrapping, shrink wrap systems, heat sealing equipment, skin packaging systems, blister sealing units, counters, vacuum packaging systems, collating systems, labeling equipment, conveyors, case sealers, tying equipment, conveying systems, bagging systems & taping systems. Bags include: cellophane bags, bubble bags, vinyl bags, film shrink bags, anti static bags, poly bags, autobags, zipper bags, vacuum bags & mil spec bags. Other products & materials include: OPP, lamination, stretch films, masking tape, Teflon®, stretch film, oriented polypropylene, shrink bands, poly tubing, Shrinkbox®, Clysar®, filament, Reynolon®, blisters, label protection tape, strapping, skin board, packaging tapes, Padpak®, skin film & shrink film.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Packaging Machinery, Equipment & Supplies

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