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Brown & Pratt, Inc.
1345 Brookville Way
Indianapolis, Indiana 46239
Tel: 317-353-1664

Distributor supplier of packaging materials and supplies for hospital, laundry, medical/hospital, retail packaging, dry cleaning, trade shows, food processing & shipping industries. Products include: dispensing equipment, bin boxes, sealing equipment, loose peanuts, roll foam, tissue, film peanuts, die-cut mailers, strapping equipment,slip sheets, moving boxes, stock boxes, single face corrugated, bags, bubble packaging, corrugated items, foam pouches, polyethylene bags (various sizes, strengths, colors & styles), envelopes, tapes, containers, film, labels, kraft paper, strappers, newsprint, liners, storage boxes & sealers.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Packaging Supplies & Materials; Bubble Packaging

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