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Aadvanced Machinery Inc.
35044-A Automation Drive
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035
Tel: 586-790-1717

Supplier of all types of new, rebuilt & used mixers and blenders fir the powder process & chemical industries. Including ribbon blenders, laboratory blenders, planetary mixer blenders, twin shell blenders, cone blenders, vee blenders, stainless steel blenders, double cone blenders, disperser mixer blenders, paddle blenders & powder blenders. Also sells new, rebuilt and used machinery for various industries such as paint & coating, ferrite, foundries, chemical/solvents, powdered, ceramic, carbide & metalworking. Including mixers, screeners, attritors, piston extruders, isostatic presses, blenders, pugmills, furnaces, ovens, compacting presses & kilns. Facility includes a 20,000 square foot showroom space featuring a large process equipment and machinery inventory in stock.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Process Equipment; Mixers, Blenders

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