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Liquiflo Equipment Co., Inc.
443 North Avenue
Garwood, New Jersey 07027
Tel: 908-518-0777

Pump manufacturer, including centrifugal, gear and air barrier pumps. Including ENDURA centrifugal pumps, Rotogear® positive displacement pumps, ANSI magnetically coupled, seal-less centrifugal pumps. Applications include high temperature, pumping of solids and accommodating dry running. Gear pumps are field repairable and constructed from Titanium or 316 Stainless Steel or Alloy-C. Material option vary widely for bearings, wear plates, gears & shafts. Centrifugal pumps are designed to meet lower flow applications. Specializing in patented sealless technology. Capabilities include: OEM custom manufacturing for OEM and special applications and requirements. ISO 9001 & ISO 9000 certified.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Western Europe, EU, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pacific Rim, South Africa & Middle East.

Category: Pumps; Centrifugal, Air Barrier & Gear

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