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Hartell Milton Roy
201 Ivyland Road
Ivyland, Pennsylvania 18974
Tel: 215-322-0730

ISO 9000 certified custom manufacturer of pumps for OEM markets, available in fractional horsepower. Including circulating & diaphragm pumps, sliding vane & condensate pumps, centrifugal, ice machine & wastewater pumps. Circulating pumps are available with either brush or brushless DC motors and AC motors. Wastewater pumps are designed mostly for direct mounting, and suited for medium to high temperature and pumping capacity. Ice machine pumps are constructed from stainless steel shafts, OEM type plugs, cords & brackets. Condensate pumps are designed for medium and high temperatures and lift applications. Pumps are sold to plumbing & heating and HVACR wholesalers.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Western Europe, EU, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pacific Rim, South Africa & Middle East.

Category: Pumps; Centrigual, Diaphragm, Wastewater, Condensate

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