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Traffic Safety & Equipment Co., Inc.
457 State Highway 17 (North)
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430
Tel: 201-327-6050

Safety supply & equipment distributor, offering a range of safety vests, containers, sand/salt spreaders, traffic control products, lighting, signs, safety apparels, convex mirrors, snow plows, baricades, vehicle lettering & banners. Safety vests are one size to fit all, highly visible fluorescent orange, and available with optional reflective striping. Convex mirrors are suited for warehouses, factories, foundries, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals, schools, driveways and retail stores to prevent accidental collisions, as well as prevent theft & pilferage. Also sells various safety tape, including caution tape, non-slip grip tape, conspicuity tape, relective tape, barricade tape, marking tape & pavement tape.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Industrial Safety Supplies; Vests, Mirrors, Tapes

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