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Northern Safety Co., Inc.
232 Industrial Park Drive
Frankfort, New York 13340
Tel: 315-793-4900

North American distributor of industrial and safety supplies. Products include a variety of NS® products: NS® hand protection, N-Specs® safety eyewear, NS® head & face protection & ActivGARD® protective clothing. Items include first aid kits, safety gloves, power tools, material handling equipment, secondary containment, hand tools, janitorial supplies, safety storage equipment, respirators, ears/hearing protection, eyewear protection & safety items, protective clothing, maintenance equipment, fall protection items, safety boots & other foot protection. Maintains a stocked inventory of over 20,000 products, including brand names: Crews, Riptide, Fireblazer, Tour Rally, Raptor, Flex-Shield, N-Specs, 3M, Avenger, NS, Bullard, Ruf-Flex, ActivGARD, Miller, North, BEST, Enforcer, UVEX, Northern Safety, Tri-Star. Established in 1983. Catalog available online.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Industrial Safety Supplies & Equipment; Gloves, Protective Clothing, Respirators

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