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All World Machinery Supply, Inc.
1301 W. Diggins
Harvard, Illinois 60033
Tel: 815-943-9111

Distributor Of Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals & Wipers. Including The Following Series: PS, SCB, GLY, PSD, SDR, PDU, KY, SKY, SFR. Products Include: O-Rings (Metric & Inch), Sensors, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pumps, Switches, Filters, Valves, Lamps, Controls, Bearings, Scales, Wipers, Seals, Fittings, Hoses, Quad Rings, Repair & Replacement Parts, Electrical Motors, Belts, Scrapers, Packings & V-Rings. Specializing in industrial machine & equipment spare parts, components, repairs & engineering solutions. Same or next day delivery is available.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Seals; (Plastic, Rubber); Industrial Equipment

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