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Industrial Rubber & Gasket
601 Lafayette Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Tel: 866-750-2003

Supplier & fabricator of custom I.D. & O.D. gaskets constructed with special or standard bolt patterns. Other gaskets & seals include ring gaskets (made from all kinds of sheet packings), quad ring, wipers, u-cups, polypacks, rod seals, vee packing, backup rings, wear rings, piston cups, die-cut, full face, manhole, MRO, spiral wound water cut, o-rings & OEM type seals & gaskets. Other products include, among others: adapters, conveyor belts, brass fittings, sheet goods, V-belts, rubber products, expansion joints, quick disconnects, couplings, hydraulics, tubing & hose assemblies.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Gaskets & Seals; Industrial Supplies

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