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SICK, Inc.
6900 W. 110th St.
Bloomington, Minnesota 55438
Tel: 952-941-6780

ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Specializing in Opto-Electronic Technology. Including Sensors For Counting, Sorting, Measuring, Inspection & Verifying Sizes, Colors, Shapes & Positions Of Objects. Product Line Includes Factory & Process Automation Equipment Such As Photelectronic Door Guards, Bar Code Readers & Scanners, Smoke Density Monitors, Elevator Light Grids, Safety Light Curtains, Infrared Data Transmission, Gas Analyzers, Photoelectronic Switches, Shape & Color Recognition Systems, Dust Concentration Monitors, Proximity Switches, Position Sensors, Distance Measuring Devices, Contrast Scanners, Fiberoptic Systems, Safety Light Curtains, Sensing Laser Switches, Safety Light Grids & Photo-Electronic Safety Switches.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

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