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Precision Resistor Co., Inc.
10601 75th Street
Largo, Florida 33777
Tel: 727-546-5723

Custom manufacturer and supplier of sensors and a variety of precision electronic components for computer & electronic critical applications. Products meet RoHS & DIN requirements and include: precision compensators, sensors, shunts and fixed wirewound resistors. Resistor features include, among others, high temperature insulation, low EMF & low TCR, lower temperature rise per watt, close resistance tolerances, repeatable measurement capability, greater stability versus time, economical 'Balco' elements, ultra, high precision power, versatile high current shunts and various other features. Services include custom manufactured to customer specs, small & large production runs and with no minimum order requirements.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia

Category: Precision Electronic Components; Sensors

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