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Lotus Co. North America
12 W. Willow Grove Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119
Tel: 215-836-9595

Custom manufacturer of lithographic metal containers for tobacco, liquor, pharmaceutical, food, various consumer products, cosmetic & confections. Products include: metal containers, fancy tin boxes, metal & tin boxes, tin novelties, candy tin boxes, cake tins, lithographed cans, decorative tins, custom tins, tin molds, food tins, advertising tins & tin containers. Containers/tins are available in various standard and custom-made shapes. Services & capabilities include: private label packaging, engineering, complete quality control, custom forming, program development, fulfillment services, film and plate-making, design assistance, lithography & proofing.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Western Europe, EU, Australia, China, Japan, India, Pacific Rim

Category: Lithographic Tin & Metal Containers

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