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Culligan of The Piedmont
Greenville, South Carolina 29602
Tel: 864-295-9500

Supplier & service provider of water treatment & water purification equipment. Specializing in custom industrial water filtration utilizing client's existing pumps, valves & controls. Provides process water to meet various manufacturing applications, including washing, rinsing, cooling, coating, spraying & plating. Services & capabilities include: design, custom manufactured to specification, EDI, installation, on-site service, including ultrafiltration, softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis, dechlorination, ozonation & electro-deionization. Product are engineered to meet the strictest of standards established ny NCCLS, USP, CAP & ASTM. Sales, service & lease-to-own programs available.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Water Purification & Treatment Equipment; Services

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