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Duff Co.
201 E. Lafayette Street
Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401
Tel: 610-275-4453

Industrial distributor of water treatment equipment, filtration and a broad range of industrial products. Water treatment products include: water purification systems, water softening chemicals, filters & additional water treatment supplies for industrial, institutional, residential & commercial applications. Extensive product line, among others include: transformers, hangers, flanges, clamps, thermometers, threading, drains, tubing, radiators, connectors, water treatment systems, dispensers, fasteners, boilers, brushes, wash fountains, gauges, hose, nipples, base board heaters, hydrants, pressure tanks, valves, meters, fittings, boosters, heating equipment, plumbing products, water purification equipment, sinks, pumps, steam process/treatment equipment, heat exchangers, chemicals, faucets, actuators & circulators.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico

Category: Water Treatment Equipment; Industrial Supplies

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