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Burgh & Schoenenberger
7070 Telephone Road
Pavilion, New York 14525
Tel: 585-584-3768

Manufacturer representatives of clean water & wastewater treatment equipment and supplies for industrial, municipal & commercial markets. Including flow meters, control systems, calibration, instrumentation & related products for clean and waste water treatment applications. Also sells air purification products for biological safety cabinets, clean rooms, laminar flow hoods, glove boxes, animal cages & other air purifying applications. Also provided airflow testing services. Product brands include: Chemtrac, Royce, Quantum, CMS, LMI, Krofta, DynaSonics, EFC, Drain Works, Plasti-Fab, EDI, OPS Systems, Envirodyne, Telog, Isco, Duperon Flex-Rake. Sells, leases and services.

Markets: US, Canada

Category: Clean & Wastewater Treatment

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