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Emco Plastics, Inc.
99 Commerce Road
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009
Tel: 973-239-0202

Distributor & supplier of electric welding equipment, rods, supplies and accessories for plastic welding. Including a broad selection of plastic fabrication materials & supply in various plastic grades. Specializes in plastic fabrication and welding services. Products include: nylon tube & rods, plastic rods, plastic sheets, vinyl film, washers, nylon tapes, acrylic products, pressure sensitive tapes, acid resistant ducts, boxes, PVC ducts, adhesives, plastic tubes, hoses, coatings, abrasion resistant materials, curtains, plastic welding equipment & supplies, pulleys, sleeves, cases, displays, films, extruded channels & angles, acetal, sealants, screws & tanks.

Markets: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Western Europe

Category: Electric Welding Equipment; Plastics

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