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Company: E-ION s.a.
Established: 1907
Description: E-ion started in Belgium in 1907 by deodorising fish oils and expanded rapidly its business to lubricants and fuels. Elektrion R was born, becoming so the first additive ever produced to enhance lubrication. In 1911, our German subsidiary was licensed and produced R under Voltol name. After World War I, production was resumed in Belgium.

In 1927, Michel Roegiers, Sr., a self-made genius, took over the company, greatly improved its processing technology and developed its sales. From 1927 to 1939, the additive was used world-wide, especially for the lubrication of aircraft propeller engines. After its voluntary halt during World War II, E-ion mission was rethought with an emphasis on automotive oils. In 1989, the third generation, Michel Roegiers, Jr., has taken over, widening the application area of our additives to metalworking fluids, fuels, and specialty lubricants and greases. At present, E-ion can be proudly named as one of the oldest lubricant additives producers in the world.

1: additives
2: fuel lubricity
3: friction modifier

Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: Europe; Worldwide
Tel: +32 92 255025
Fax: +32 92 254309
Address: 18, Val des Seigneurs
City: Brussels
State/Province: -
Zip/PC: 1150
Country: Belgium
URL: http://www.eion-additives.com
Contact: Michel Roegiers

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