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Company: Beijing Artisman Technology Corp.
Description: Beijing Artisman Technology Corp., registered in Zhongguancun High-tech Zone in Haidian District, Beijing,China, is a high-tech company which carries out research on and manufactures CNC routers, engraving machines and CAD/CAM software. We entered this market in the early 90s, and have maintained as the leader in the domestic CNC machine field. We own the intellectual property rights of our products and patents for our CNC routers and UCanCAM CAD/CAM software. Besides, we are the only company capable of developing CNC control systems for routers and engraving machines in China.

The strategy of Artisman is to develop in three fields-CAD/CAM software R&D, CNC system R&D, and machinery manufacturing to meet the market demand. The R&D department of Artisman comprises CAD/CAM software division, CNC system division, and machinery design division, ensuring a stable supply of highly advanced products to the marketplace.

Artisman CNC routers and engraving machines have been put into wide applications in various industries, such as sign-making, wood working, industrial manufacturing, mold-making, artwork designing, architectural mold making, instrument making and interior decoration. With it, you can process wood, acryl, PVC, brass, aluminum, MDF, PP, PE and many other panel materials, no matter it is engraving, milling, routing, sawing, profiling, or drilling. Based on its unique and outstanding technological advantages, Artisman products have replaced imported goods in the domestic market, with a brilliant prospect in export as well.
1: CNC router
2: CNC engraving machine
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 0086 10-82685272 ext. 310
Fax: 0086 10-82685272 ext.208
Address: Suite 2105, Building 2, 33 North Renda Road, Haidian District
City: Beijing
State/Province: Beijing
Zip/PC: 100080
Country: China
URL: http://www.cncmachine.cn
Contact: Mary Ma

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