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Company: Ningbo Zhao Bao Magnet Co.,Ltd.
Description: Ningbo Zhao Bao Magnet Co., Ltd was established in 1999 as a high-tech enterprise that specializes in studying, producing, developing and applying NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) rare-earth permanent magnets. Our company facility takes up an area of 27,000m2 with a process capacity of 1200 tons of NdFeB magnets annually.

Ningbo Zhao Bao Magnet Co.,Ltd. contains the most advanced equipments for manufacturing and inspecting magnetic products. We produce various grades and shapes of NdFeB permanent magnets and offers all kinds of other permanent magnets (e.g. AlNiCo, SmCo, Ferrite magnets and Rubber magnets) in good performance. Our permanent magnets have been used in a wide range of applications and fields such as: Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Transportation, Energy, Medical Device, Office Automation, Apparatus, Auto Mobile Industry, Motive Power, Safety and so on.

In 1999, we got the certificate of quality by ASSOCIATION OF TECHNOLOGIE NOULELLE DE FRANCE. Our quality management was certified according to ISO 9002 by GERMANY TUV COMPANY in Nov. 2000. In Oct, 2003 we received ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE from GERMANY TUV. At Ningbo Zhao Bao Magnet Co.,Ltd., we believe in giving our customers the best value for their money. We have been manufacturing NdFeB for over 7 years since 1999, as well as partnering with many other factories that enable us to offer high quality magnets at competitive prices.
1: magnets
2: NdFeB
3: permanent magnets
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +86-574-86370633
Fax: +86-574-86266469
Address: 388 Weihai Road
City: Ningbo
State/Province: Zhejiang
Zip/PC: 315200
Country: China
URL: http://www.zhaobao-magnet.com
Contact: Williams Wong

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