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Company: Black Flex
Description: Manufacturer of pre-engineered bellows to meet their individual requirements. Our strict manufacturing processes and quality control procedures insure a precise product every time. Single ply and multi ply bellows are available in sizes 1-1/2" through 84" diameter. Metal bellows can be made in most alloys. We use 321 stainless steel as a standard due to its excellent forming properties and high temperature properties. Other common alloys stocked at Black Flex we include 316 and 304 stainless steel. An expansion joint is a device used to allow movement in a piping system while containing pressure and the medium running through it. Frequently, thermal growth, equipment movement, vibration or pressure pulsation can cause movement in a piping system. When flexibility for this movement cannot be designed into the piping system itself, an expansion joint is the ideal solution.


  • Absorption of thermal expansion or contraction of straight pipe runs where proper anchoring and guiding are feasible.
  • Addition of flexibility in short complex piping on machinery and vessels.
  • Isolation of mechanical vibration from piping and Ducting.
  • Sealing of piping penetrations in bulkheads of contaminant vessels, heat exchangers and ships.
  • Pressure operated control systems to absorb vibrations.
  • Diesel engine construction: For exhaust lines of large engines to absorb mechanical vibrations and thermal expansions.
  • Pipeline construction: For steam, gas oil and water lines.
  • Heat exchanger construction: To absorb the differential expansion between shell and tubes.
  • Nuclear Industries: Compensators with external cover for Nuclear Power Plant.
For the benefit of our customers, we make high demands on the efficiency, quality and reliability of our metal bellows. In addition, we also carry out inspections of the supplied materials used in production within the scope of our quality assurance. The use of high-grade materials, optimized production methods with low stress to material, modern and efficient equipment and devices and last but not least qualified personnel with a sense of responsibility are the most important factors to guarantee the quality of our products.
1: Expansion Joints Metal Bellows
2: Metal Hoses
3: Rubber Bellows
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 0091 022 23437809
Fax: 091 022 6331218
Address: 98, Narayan Dhuru Street, 2nd floor Mumbai
City: Mumbai
State/Province: Maharastra
Zip/PC: 400 003
Country: India
URL: http://
Contact: Mr. Rishi Sareen

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