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Description: We are an Indonesia company dealing in the timber industry since 1995. Our products are un-finished solid wood flooring in S4S, E2E and T&G 4S also solid veneer specially Merbau species with capacity 6-8 containers monthly.

Our regular size for flooring products:

  • L15x90/120x600-1200 ; interval 150 (MM) for length
  • 18x90/120x600-1800 ; interval 150 (MM) for length
  • 19x127x600-2100 ; interval 150 (MM) for length
  • 20x140x600-2100 ; interval 150 (MM) for length
  • 21x150x600-2100 ; interval 150 (MM) for length
  • By Order
For lamella the thickness is: 4 MM. Width: 100/110/130/140/150/160 MM. Length: 900-2400; interval 150 (MM). Currently, our products are exported to Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, Belgium, Turkey and China, and we would like to expand our market further. Cooperation in building strong alliance is warmly welcomed. Should you have any inquiry or questions, please contact us.
1: Unfinished Merbau
2: Merbau Flooring
3: Merbau Lamella
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +62 21 6490168
Fax: +62 21 6490168
Address: Jl.Taman Sari X No.145
City: Jakarta Barat
State/Province: DKI Jakarta
Zip/PC: 11150
Country: Indonesia
URL: http://
Contact: Caroline

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