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Company: Solid Wheels Industries
Description: We introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturer of UHMW-PE trolley wheels in India. We are specialists in Cast Polyurethane wheels for heavy and extra heavy duty applications. We specialize in re-bonding to worn out PU wheels and have the expertise in developing Cast PU tread for desired properties. We also manufacture Nylon, PP, TPU, Thermoplastic Rubber wheels and Cast Iron wheels for low, medium and heavy duty applications.

We exclusively manufacture all kinds of industrial wheels and rollers for all kinds of material handling applications like:

  • Textile trolleys, Retail, Institutional Caster Wheels,
  • Pallet trucks, stackers, Press-on tyres, forklifts, hoists, Conveyor guide wheels, etc.
We are known by our brand name "SOLID". We are based in Ahmedabad, India. We have our sales network spread nationally as well as in international markets. We maintain sufficient inventory of standard sizes for bulk supply. and have our own tool and fabrication department for fixing bearings, thread guards and so on as per customers' demands. Our values: We Maintain stringent quality control on all our products through use of innovation in technology, continuous R&D and experience.
1: polyurethane wheels and rollers
2: trolley wheels
3: caster wheels
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +91-2717-251563
Fax: +91-2717-251561
Address: 57/B Panchratna Industrial Estate
City: Ahmedabad
State/Province: Gujarat
Zip/PC: 382213
Country: India
URL: http://www.solidwheels.com
Contact: Mr. Harsh Shah

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