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Established: 1987
Description: We take the greatest pleasure of introducing ourselves in the line of Garnet Export for the pleasure of your highly valuable consideration to ultimately establish the linking of a business relationship. We have been in this Garnet Processing and Export line for well over two Decades and to inform you that we are the only Mine Owner, processing and Exporter of both River and Sea Garnet Sand from India. Our Garnet is mined from Almandine mineral deposit sources on the River bed of South India. Also the Garnet is Eco- friendly because of its natural abrasive quality consisting of natural properties that make it the most efficient abrasive for many industrial applications. Almandine Garnet is the heaviest and hardest of all others with more cutting speed and maintain low dust levels

For your kind reference, some of many advantages of River Garnet are furnished below:

  1. The River Garnet is tougher and harder, than Sea Garnet. The hardness is 8 on mohs scale, whereas the Sea Garnet hardness is 7-7.5 on mohs scale
  2. This is from, fresh-water-sources and hence, it is completely free from Chloride and Conductivity. The Chloride content of the River Garnet and Conductivity, are much lower.
  3. The grain is more Sub-angular, which gives better performance during the blasting operation. River Garnet is from fresh-water-source and does not contain any salt.
  4. River Garnet is Spark-free, Virtually-Dust-Free in usage, harder, quicker and re-usable
Our Garnet is very coarse and high-density mineral, used for an extensive line of purposes, such as:

Blasting material for surface cleaning steel and other ferrous material against corrosion prior to painting or similar protection.

  • Water Jet Cutting of steel, Glass cutting, etc.
  • Component for Anti-skid and similar applications
  • External building cleaning
  • Polishing & Precision Finishing of high pressure Valves.
  • Petrochemical tank works, offshore platforms, pipelines.
  • Industrial Parts cleaning.
  • For stone washing of denim fabrics .
  • As bedding in water filtration and water softening .
  • Polishing & Precision Finishing of high pressure Valves
Few of the sizes in the River Garnet that we process and export also are furnished below: 8-16, 12-25, 20-40, 20-60 , 30-60, 80 &120 Mesh. We therefore hope to have given more convincing reasons for its preference. After deep study of all advantageous, we are very sure that you will be much inclined to trade with us. We are very much dedicated to the satisfaction of our Buyers and we look forward the pleasure of receiving your inquiry.
1: Garnet
2: Sand Blasting
3: Surface Preparation
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +91-44-22435975/74
Fax: +91-044 -22434885
Address: 1-A Prasad Street, Seethapathy Nagar, Velacherry
City: Chennai
State/Province: Tamil Nadu
Zip/PC: 600 042
Country: India
URL: www.indiangarnet.net
Contact: Dr. Dhaya Devdas

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