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Company: SP Ultraflex Systems Ltd.
Established: 1987
Description: SP ULTRAFLEX SYSTEMS LTD. was established in 1987 by Mr. Ravi K,a keen visionary in the field of Flexible Packaging and Converting and soon joined by Mr. Biku K, under whose guidance the company made huge strides in the direction of continuous Development, Innovations and Product up gradation. By 2003, the company had consolidated itself as a reputed source for high end Rotogravure Printing Presses, Solvent based/ Solvent less Lamination equipments and Slitting and Rewinding Machines. Thereafter, the management decided to re-align the manufacturing Program to focus exclusively Slitter Rewinders,Web Inspection Rewinders and Doctoring machines to convert the entire range of Flexible packaging substrates in their Plain/Printed/ Coated/Co-extruded and Laminated combinations of base materials such as Paper (including label stock), Plastic films such as OPP, PET, CPP,PVC, POF and Aluminum foil. Today, the company is acknowledged in the industry circles as a specialist manufacturer for these machines and the Customer profile includes the leading and most reputed Flexible Packaging and Converting companies in the country and overseas, particularly the Middle east and African countries.

The company is located in the outskirts of Mumbai (the commercial hub of India), in the Industrial belt of Mira Road, a mere 30 minute drive from both the Domestic and International airports of Mumbai. While the Company has adopted the Duplex, Differential center-winding technology as its base, specific needs of the Customer have been addressed by the manufacture of these Slitter Rewinders in three different web configurations:

  • Slitter Rewinders
  • DSR RL 400 (Rear loading version) - Integrated with the main machine and on the side opposite to the Rewind shafts
  • DSR FL 400 (Front loading version) - Integrated with the main machine and under the Rewind shafts
  • ULTRASLIT OHP 500 Free standing on a separate Unwind frame and on the side opposite to the Rewind (Overhead web path)
  • Web Inspection Rewinders - The Web Inspection Rewinder WIR 300 is primarily used to screen pre-printed material for defects such as mis-register, blade lines, shade variations etc. by means of a full width stroboscope/Web Video/Defect Detection System. The defective material is removed and only good copy is rewound to provide a 100% defect free reel for downstream processes.
  • Doctoring Machines - Doctoring Machine DRM 300 is used to salvage badly rewound coils produced on the Slitting and Rewinding Machine which would otherwise be liable for rejection due to reasons such as telescoping, loose winding and bad edge finish. This also enables High speed and continuous operation of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine.

1: duplex slitter rewinder
2: web inspection rewinders
3: doctoring machines
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: Southern Asia, South Africa, North Africa/Middle East
Tel: +91 22 28454410/28457395/28457096
Fax: +91 22 28455411
Address: Survey No. 203, Retibunder Road, Ghodbunder Village, Post Mira
City: Thane
State/Province: Maharashtra
Zip/PC: 401104
Country: India
URL: http://www.spultraflex.com
Contact: Biku K

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