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Company: Ostar Tools Co., Ltd
Established: 2001
Description: We specialize in exporting power tools and accessories to USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Europe and Taiwan. Our product range is detailed below.

Hole Saws
Hole saws include bi-metal hole saw, (bimetal) tungsten carbide, grit hole saws, hss hole cutter, carbon steel hole saws, hss hole saws, carbide tipped hole saws, carbide tipped hole cutter, adjustable hole cutter, diamond hole saws, TCT hole saw, one teeth wood cutter, adjustable circle cutter and hole cutter with protection cowl.

Metal Cutting Tools
HSS step drill bits, twist drills, tool bits cutters, step drills taper drill, carbide tipped brazed tool bits, lathe turning tools, countersinks, reduced shank drill, TCT tool bits, T-slot cutters, taper drill, countersink center drills, vix bits, woodruff key seat cutter, tube drills, double end drill bits, hinge drill bit, dovetail milling cutters, sheet metal cone drill bits, saw drills, self center bits, single angle end mills, de-burring cone drill bits, hss end mills, self-centering hinge drilling bits, double angle end mills, pointed countersinks, solid carbide end mills, counterbores, teeth side and face cutters, aircraft drills, carbide burs, silver & deming drill, hex shank drill, stop countersinks taps, dies milling cutters, milling drill, screw extractor and screw remover.

Wood Cutting Tools
Woodworking chisel, router bits, auger bits, jigsaw blades, HSS turning tools, forstner bits, spade bits, reciprocating saw blades, carving tools, multi-angle drill bit, flat bits, TCT saw blade, wood chisel, mad bit screw, countersinks, carbide tipped saw blades, wood tools, spur bits, drill countersinks, multi-purpose saw blades, wood plane, hinge cutting bits, taper drills, junior saw blades, boring drill bit, wood countersinks, wood saw blades, hollow cutters, boring bit slotted taper & deburring countersinks, wood planer & blades.

Other Products:
Hammer drill bits, masonry drills, diamond core drills, chisel sds drill bits, carbide tipped core drill bits, glass tile drill bits and sds adapter. Cutting & Grinding disc, cut-off wheels flap disc cutting wheel cutting disc, grinding wheels, polishing disc, grinding wheel grinding disc, diamond segments, turbo saw blade, cup grinding wheel, diamond files, segment saw blade, laser welded saw blade, resin grinding wheel and other tools.

Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +86-21-58870860
Fax: +86-21-58822295
Address: #4-903, No. 1269, Zhangyang Road
City: Pudong
State/Province: Shanghai
Zip/PC: 200122
Country: China
URL: http://www.holesaws.com.cn
Contact: Jiang Ouyang

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