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Company: C.H.E. Pte Ltd
Established: 1991
Description: Thank you for your invaluable time reading our Introductory letter and we are honour to introduce ourselves to you . We are an established company situated in Singapore and after more than a decade serving Malaysia and Singapore market as a quality metal fabrication professional , it has built our confidence and we are ready to make a bold move to emerge ourselves into International global market to serve you . In order for us to have a more efficient support as well as liason , our global hub which is located in Singapore will definitely Work hand in hand with you .

Other than our niche in fabricating customized powder and bulk solid material handling equipments according to clients' supplied drawings or informations , we are trained and experienced in handling all kinds of Engineering Fabrication jobs in accordance to recognized international standards (ASME , AGMA , ASTM and etc ).

Our Group had invested more than USD 1Milio) in resources early this year to improve the process efficiency and enhancement of production quality .

Our Fabrication:

  • Food Processing/Packaging Equipments
  • Bulk Solid Material Handling Equipments
  • Screw Feeders/Screw Conveyors/Screw Flights/Augers
  • Ball Mill
  • Cement
  • Belt/Chain Conveyors
  • Dust Collectors , Baghouses
  • Silos , Bin Activator , Bag Dump
  • Filtration System Equipments
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment Equipments
  • Cement Plant Equipments
  • Chemical / Power Plant Equipments
  • Precision Machining And Other related Engineering Parts .
Our Facilities:
  • CNC Laser Cutting Machine ( Capacity : 2550W , SS Mat'l Max. Thk 6mm)
  • Hydraulic Shearer ( Capacity : Width 10Ft Max. Steel Thk 6mm )
  • Hydraulic Bending Machine ( Capacity : Width 10Ft Max. Steel Thk 4mm )
  • NC Bending Machine ( Capacity : Width 10Ft Max. Steel Thk 6mm )
  • Auto
  • Plasma ( 2 Sets )
  • Rolling Machine
  • 3 Units ( Capacity : Max. Thk 20mm)
  • Band Saw Machine Type Fixed Semi
  • Auto ( Capacity : Dia400mm)
  • Band Saw Machine Type Adjustable Angle Semi
  • Auto ( Capacity : Dia 800mm)
  • Power Press (Capacity : 100 Tonne)
  • Horizontal Boring ( Capacity : Dia 1000mm)
  • CNC Machine Center C/W Auto
  • Pallet Changer & 60 Auto
  • Tool Changer
  • Milling Machine ( 5 Units )
  • Lathe Machine ( 6 Units )
  • Gear Hobbing Machine ( 2 Units )
  • Slotting Machine ( 1 Unit )
  • GMAW , GTAW , SMAW & RSW Welding Equipments
  • Turning Roll
  • 4 Set Type :1 Drive & 3 Idler (Capacity : 6 Tonnes )
Our Handler include 5 Tonne Overhead Cranes with Girder - 2 Units (Specs : Width 11Meter X Span 24 Meter) and 3 Tonne Forklift. Our Services include Plant Equipments Installation and Plant Maintenance Work. The size of our Production Space (Enclosed) is 1160sqm (12,480 sqf). Our Workforce totals 55 employees (Technical Staff ). Our Supporting Software includes Autocad Version 2000, Solidworks Version 2006 and Finest (CADCAM SoftWare). We aim to provide one stop Engineering Fabrication Solution and with the implementation and the aid of CAD/CAM system into our production processes , we are confident in providing a more productive , efficient and quality services to our customers . We are currently in the mid of customization of ERP System ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) to link up all the Departments for a smooth and efficient operation .

Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +6568933070
Fax: +6568933930
Address: Singapore
City: Singapore / Woodlands
State/Province: Singapore
Zip/PC: 757719
Country: Singapore
URL: n/a
Contact: Mr. Chek

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