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Company: HongRui Group
Established: 1996
Description: HongRui Group specializes in the production of calcium metal to cored wires. We are entitled to be the second largest calcium metal producing plant in Asia. With good quality, our HongRui brand products have been sold to many countries and are highly praised by clients.

Our product product range includes:

    1. Calcium Metal:
    - Calcium lumps: Size: 10-100mm, 30-200mm
    - Calcium granulars: Size: 0-2mm, 0-2.5mm, 0-3mm
    - Calcium scraps: Size: 30-80mm(L), 6-8mm(W), 0.7-3.6mm(T)

    2. Ca-related Alloy
    - Calcium Aluminum alloy Specification: Ca:65~80%, Al:35~20%
    - CaMg alloy Specification: Ca:24-32%; Mg balance
    - CaSi alloy

    3. Cored Wire
    CaFe cored wire, pure Ca cored wire, CaSi cored wire
    CaAl cored wire Rare earth cored wire, C cored wire, etc

    4. Rare earth, Molybdenum and Tungsten

Looking forward to your earliest reply to start our business relationships with your esteemed corporation for mutual benefit. Please contact us if you have any questions.
1: calcium metal
2: calcium alloy
3: cored wire
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 00862164589000
Fax: 00862164935331
Address: Luoxiu Road
City: Shanghai
State/Province: Shanghai
Zip/PC: 201100
Country: China
URL: http://www.doozer-hf.com
Contact: Nick Cho

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