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Company: Madras Hydraulic Hose Pvt Ltd.
Established: 1992
Description: We founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of Stainless Steel Flexible Annular Corrugated Hoses and Braid. We are an Export Company in India with a sales turnover of US$ 4.00 million. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our present manufacturing program enables us to produce Flexible Hoses with annular corrugation using stainless steel welded tubes on special purpose machines. Our Hoses are used for conveying chemical, chemically corrosive Fluids, Steam, Gases etc., in very hostile environments. They can also be used in extreme temperature i.e. from cryogenic temperature to temperature as high as 800 degree C. These can be used to accommodate lateral and axial movements during operation of machines and can absorb vibration to a great extent. These hoses depending on the application can also be used instead of rubber / plastic hoses. We manufacture Hoses ranging from " ID to 10" ID. We have installed a highly sophisticated 48 Carrier and 96 Carrier Braiding Machine, imported from Italy, which can braid stainless steel AISI 304, 316 ,321 wires suitable to be used for the hose of range up to 10" ID. We also manufacture specialty hoses with Omega Cross Section used for critical application on machines imported from Germany . Our "Water Tube" provided the ideal solution for an easy fit and forget application. Its inherent design, material construction and ease of use makes it ideal choice wherever flexibility is required in a Hose connection for use of Hot and Cold Water, Steam etc. We also manufacture Braided Type Pump Connectors with flange or threaded ends. The range for flange end pump connector is 2" to 6", while that of threaded ends includes " to 4". We also manufacture Hydro - Formed Bellows & Expansion Joints with basic raw material being Stainless Steel of different grades. The Bellows and expansion joints are being manufactured based on proven technology used world wide to meet various applications in the industry. The product sizes range from 14mm to 3000mm inner dia in circular Bellows. The Expansion joints with single and multi ply with necessary accessories and fittings are part of the product range. The Bellows and expansion joints can be tailor made to meet specific requirements of the customer within the available product range. All bellows are manufactured by us as per EJMA Standards.


Our Interlocked metal hose also referred as Strip wound hose consists of successive turns of profiled strip, with the edges of adjacent turns interlocked. Interlock Hoses are made with a packing so that filament of cotton, asbestos, rubber or metals like copper can be fed into the interlock to make it pressure tight. It is mostly used as a protective/conduit casing. It is also used as a liner inside the hose based on the profile formation.


We would like to bring to your attention the fact that we can supply the corrugated metal hoses with End connectors strictly as per your requirements or confirming to any standards in Mild steel, Stainless Steel. The End Fittings are connected to the hoses by TIG Welding process for which we have in-house Automated Welding facilities. Our products are tested with the help of our sophisticated Test Bench. These Hose Assemblies are used in Boiler/Turbine Plants, Chemical Industries, Fertilizer Plants, Petro Chemicals, Glass & Plywood Industries, Thermal Plants, Paper Industries, Tyre Manufacturing Plants, Tyre Building Machines, Cement Plants, Gensets and Oil Refineries. Strict Quality Control guidelines, coupled with modern manufacturing facilities and highly trained Engineers assure you the best possible product.

We are regularly executing order for leading Steel Plants, Atomic Power Plant and other Industries. Our products have found acceptance in U.S.A., Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Germany, U.K., Italy, South Africa, France and other European Countries. With a continuous focus on quality and service, coupled with a commitment to meet changing market needs, we have earned solid recognition from customers.
1: Flexible corrugated hose
2: stainless steel hose
3: bellows/expansion joints
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +91-44-28365489
Fax: +91-44-28365320
Address: 98
City: 98/5 Harrington Road, Chetpet
State/Province: Tamilnadu
Zip/PC: 600031
Country: India
URL: http://www.madrashydraulic.com
Contact: T. Ajay

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