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Company: Lian Eng Hardware Pte Ltd
Established: 1954
Description: A company that has been delivering excellence, consistently for more than 50 years, we continue to build lasting relationships with all of our clients. Backed by an extensive international distribution and service network, our commitment to client satisfaction and innovation has made us a strong distribution leader in industrial belting and hardware solutions. With the accumulation of more than half a century's worth of experience, we are well-positioned to understand and address the critical needs of our clients. Our history is a testimony to the respected quality and trust that we have nurtured. We have delivered for the last 50 years. For the next 50 years, expect nothing less from us.

Nature of Business:

Activities: Agent, Distributors and stockiest of world class quality industrial belting and hardware products. Brands include Bando & Gates (both Global and trusted names in industrial belting), Unbrako - high-strength fasteners and cost effective Dormer cutting tools. Main Product Lines: Industrial Power Transmission and Timing Belts, Fasteners and Cutting Tools. Brand Names carried: 'Bando', 'Gates', 'Dormer', 'Triangle', 'SRC' and 'Umbrako.'

Bando - Japan's highest quality belts backed with more than 100 years of experience.

  • Vee-Belts
  • Cogged Belts
  • Narrow / Power Ace Belts
  • Variable Speed Belts
  • V-Ribbed Belts
  • Scrum and Banded Belts
  • Banflex Belts (for cooling towers)
  • Orange round belts
  • Rubber and PU timing belts (HTS / STS)
  • Double Sided Timing Belts
Gates - The World's most trusted name in belts
  • Hi-Power II / Plus Belts
  • Multi-Speed Belts
  • Polyflex Belts
  • PowerGrip GT2 / HTD / Ribbed Belts
  • Belt Tension Testers and pulley alignment tools
  • PolyChain Belts
  • Vextra / Unitta
  • Tri / Quad Power
  • Double V-Belt
  • Power Band
  • Twin Power Timing Belt
Fasteners - For wide range of consumer, industrial and marine application
  • Bolts - Hex, Anchor, Full thread, Half thread, etc.
  • Nuts - Cap Nut, Nylon, Brass,
  • Washers - One/ Two tongue washers, Serated/Tooth Locked washers, Wave washers, Spring Washer, Cup Washer, etc.
  • Socket Sets / Plugs - Stainless Steel, Alloy
  • Screws - Shoulder screw , Tapping screws, Self Driving Screws, Pan Head Wood Screw, Philips Pan Head, etc.
  • Rivets - Drive rivets, Aluminum rivets, Galvanised, Blind Rivet, Closed End Aluminum Rivet, Counter Sunk Head Rivet, etc.
  • Circlips - Internal, External, E clips
  • Pins - Dowel Pins, Cotter Pins, R Pin, Double R Pin, etc.
Unbrako - Well-Known & Recognized fastener brand in World.
  • Socket Cap / Set
  • Countersunk Socket
  • Button Socket / Cap
  • Shoulder Socket Screw
  • Socket Plug
  • Allen Key (Hex Wrench)
  • Cutting Tools
Dormer - The Forefront of engineering tool technology and cost effective cutting tools
  • HSS Circular Die
  • Standard Tap - Straight Flute, Spiral Flute / Point
  • Fluteless Tap
  • Milling Cutters
  • Reamer - Hand / Machine
Triangle - Long established British manufacturer of comprehensive, but diverse range of taps, circular and hexagonal die nuts.
  • HSS Machine Tap
  • CS Hex Die
  • Tap & Die Set
For more information and product enquires, please contact us.
Classification: Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: (65) 6294 4662
Fax: (65) 6296 7454
Address: Blk 803 King George's Avenue - #01-240
City: Singapore
State/Province: None
Zip/PC: 200803
Country: Singapore
URL: http://www.lianeng.com
Contact: Mr. Andrew Tan

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