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Company: Zhongde Equipment Co., Ltd.
Established: 1997
Description: Established in 1997, Zhongde Company is the largest company exporting and manufacturing beer equipment, wine equipment, beverage equipment, alcohol equipment, monosodium glutamate, biochemistry and pharmaceutical equipment, food & drink equipment, environmental protection equipment and all kinds of high pressure containers, yeast propagation, filter system and CIP system for large breweries. The branch company of Zhongde are Beer Equipment factory, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Equipment factory and Joint Venture Beer Sales Company. We also have a pressure vessel testing laboratory, pull laboratory, chemical laboratory, welding laboratory, high-pressure test room, and other excellent quality control system.

Facility Is Equipment With:

  • Stainless steel processing equipment
  • 10+10 tons gantry crane, 5+5 tons gantry crane, 3+3 tons gantry crane (6 sets)
  • imported plasma cutting machine, welding, MIG welding machine, more than 10 pieces
  • numerical control machine, lathe, milling machine, drill press, punch machine, more than 10 pieces
  • high degree of accuracy of defectoscope, thickness tester, 1 set
  • guillotine shear, lapping machine, bending machine, tube bender machine, more than 10 pieces.
  • flange turner machine, tipper machine, abrasive finishing machine, more than 30 pieces.
We persevere the market-oriented, keeping advanced design and manufacture capability, supply new products and technology to customers. We undertake turnkey projects according customer requirement. Our technology department will design, manufacture, install, debug and service. At the same time, we will arrange professional engineers to instruct and inspect the whole line. We shorten the construction period while saving your investment costs. Professional technology, excellent quality and after-sale service is the reason our equipment is so popular in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and all over the world. We are always getting high praise from our clients.

Zhongde Company occupies 30,000 square meters and the building area is over 15,000 square meters with more than 400 staff. We have the independent right to import and export. In 1999, we were awarded the 'Trustworthy Joint vVenture Cooperation' by the Provincial Scientific and Technological Committee. In Sep. 2001 our company was authorized as the 'Shandong Zhongde Beer Technology Promoting Center' by the Bavaria Beer Union of Germany. In 2003 our company attained the certificate of international quality management system ISO 9001:2000. In 2004, our company was awarded as a high technology enterprise by Jinan science and technology development committee. In 2006, the company was authorized as an appointed manufacturer of brewing equipment for mid-Asian countries trading enterprises by the Mid-Asian trading organization. In 2005, our company was awarded the high technology enterprise by Jinan Science and Technology Development Committee. In 2007, we put in to certified by the State and Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and attained D-grade pressure vessel manufacturing license in September. We were confirmed as the cultivate company who will be listed in 3-5 years. In November 2007, our company was awarded "Growth enterprise of Shandong Province Small and Medium enterprises Office of S handong Province and 'Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics.' In December 2007 we were awarded as a 'Technological Achievements Enterprise' in Jinan by the Technology Bureau of Jinan City.

Our science and technology innovation has been a primary factor for our success as we have a long cooperation and technology exchange with many research institutes and universities at home and abroad. We use United States Solid Works 3D design software, realized ERP enterprise information management, organize a professional team, developed a series of high quality products, at the same time, cultivated a number of outstanding high-tech talents, promoting the technology development of Zhongde. Among them, 8 Senior engineers, 15 Intermediate engineer, 23 primary engineers and 35 staff engaged in scientific research activities as well as 21 staff engaged in research and test. We have the most advanced design and manufacture technology of beer equipment in China. The national patents achieved are pure draft beer filtration equipment, PLC control system, plate refrigeration system, test equipment and allied products.
1: beer equipment
2: fermentation tank
3: beverage equipment
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 86-0531-82378330
Fax: 86-0531-82378959
Address: No.11 Kaiyuan Road of Licheng Area
City: Jinan
State/Province: Shandong
Zip/PC: 250101
Country: China
URL: http://www.zhongdeshebei.com
Contact: Emily Li

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